When I was a child, I drew a lot and I loved art classes until high school. I always have been very inspired by fantasy worlds, science fiction or roleplaying. Frank Frazetta and John Howe were my favorite painters, but I also particularly liked Impressionist painters, Francis Bacon, Dali and some productions of contemporary art.

I did six months in Fine Arts in Rennes Faculty, it disgusted me with the drawing, mostly because teachers did not want anything but abstract (anyway it's also there I discovered chinese mandarin, a passion that I never quit since). After that really bad experience, I let go all about drawing or painting to devote myself to learning mandarin and chinese culture. I worked in China as a teacher at the university for several years. So I nearly haven't practice drawing or painting for more than twenty years, I did not have the time nor envy.

It's in May 2016 that I'm back to drawing. First with a 10 € tablet and the software Gimp, I straight begin to do digital painting with frenzy. And I really loved it. With this medium, everything was new to me, so I had to discover many things, techniques, artists etc ... And I continue of course to learn new things every days. The possibilities of numeric arts are endless.

I am still very attracted by figurative, animal art, science fiction and fantasy science. It surely can be seen in my paints. I always try to set up an atmosphere, often tell a story or portray a suddenly action.

Now, I'm also making videos to share my creative process on twitch and youtube, and eventually, maybe, I'm going to do some tutorials in a near future. I'm now working on Photoshop with a Huion tablet largely better than the first one.
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